Advanced topics or How To Improve FDDA


It's quite easy to translate FDDA into another language, though it's still quite a bit of work. FDDA uses the localization concept of the Java programming language. All menu titles, messages or accelerators are stored in resource files that you can find in the subdirectory resources of the installation directory. They are organized according to the packages (or components) of FDDA. If you'd like to add a French translation, e.g., add a file in each subdirectory called The most important file is the one for the package fdda.dialog.swing. If you don't know what a key stands for or have any questions, contact me. Finally, start FDDA with the command line parameter --locale <Locale>, e.g. -locale FR.

Additional property types

You may add additional types for properties, e.g. a type for dates. The property types are located in the package fdda.propertyTypes and loaded dynamically. So, in the example, you'd have to create a class called DateType implementing PropertyType. That class must therefore provide a cell renderer to display its value in the property editor (could be a Label here), a cell editor to let the user edit a value (e.g, you could open a calendar dialog) and a TypeGenerator to check values for correctness, parse Strings etc. If you need help, contact me.

Additional storage plug-ins

Currently, projects and algorithms are stored in XML files. There's a plug-in mechanism implemented, however, that gives you the possibility to store them in an entirely different way, e.g. in a database (Why? Because BERLin had this plug-in mechanism. Is it needed? Probably not. But who knows...). Plug-ins are loaded dynamically as soon as they are selected in the options dialog (which gets the available plug-ins through the preferences API). If you'd like to implement a new plug-in (e.g. for loading algorithms from an internet repository?), take a look at the package fdda.plugins and, more importantly, contact me.

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